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Originated in Jiangsu, started in 2000

Mitsubishi HVAC, originated in Jiangsu, started in 2000
Jingjiang City Mitsubishi HVAC Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 with a registered capital of 59.8 million yuan. The company is headquartered at No. 99 Zhongzhou West Road, covers an area of 200 acres, and builds a 32,000 square meters workshop. The layout of the workshop is neat, the cement road is wide, and the layout of precious trees, rockeries and landscape rivers makes the company full of vitality. Mainly produces air-conditioning equipment and accessories, fan coils, fire products, forgings manufacturing, processing, sales; stamping parts processing; micro-motor sales, with more advanced air-conditioning production equipment and more than 100 stamping equipment, the company is equipped with professional air-conditioning Installation and construction team, integrated production and installation, specializing in large-scale shopping malls and commercial center HV

  • Forging series

    It has taken the lead in obtaining the 3C certificate of fire exhaust fan and fire damper in the country, covering 272 models of 7 major categories. It has passed the national product quality supervision and spot check, the 3C product quality supervision and spot check of Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau, and the annual flight of the Fire Safety Conformity Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security. Inspection, national and local fire departments on site inspection and inspection of 3C product quality, product performance and fire test, stable performance, reliable quality.

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  • Air conditioning equipment series

    Developed dozens of series of thousands of specifications of fan products, including 3C series fire exhaust fans, air conditioning fans, mixed flow, diagonal flow, duct fans, industrial low and medium pressure centrifugal fans. As a large energy consumer, the fan has always been committed to the improvement of fan efficiency, and has launched a series of high-efficiency fan series with energy-saving certification to support and respond to the national policy of “low carbon, green and energy saving”.

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  • Auto parts series

    Based on the tenet of “pursuing new ideas, seeking change, and seeking development”, the company has introduced a full-automatic production line for windshield frames and blades, and is committed to multi-variety and low-volume mold production mode, shortening delivery time and ensuring product quality. . Series products include tuyere, diffuser, manual / electric air volume control valve; muffler, static pressure box, primary / intermediate efficiency filter, ventilation hose; 3C series fire damper, smoke damper, exhaust valve, multi-leaf row Smoke mouth and so on.

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  • Other product series

    Automated equipment to ensure the high quality of the products, to promote the automation of production, to establish a model of modern factories. It is the first to obtain the “National Industrial Product Production License”, in which the combined air conditioning unit has a maximum air volume of 160,000 m3/h. The product range covers combined air conditioning units, clean air conditioning units, cabinet ceiling air conditioners; fan coils, fresh air ventilators, and total heat exchangers.

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Location: Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province

Equipment: air conditioning equipment, air conditioning equipment, air conditioning equipment, air conditioning equipment, air conditioning equipment, air conditioning

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  • Rich in products
    Jingjiang Mitsubishi HVAC Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer of air conditioning equipment and ventilation equipment solutions. He has accumulated rich product experience and has a team of design and production talents who have been working for many years;
  • Excellence, quality supervision
    Through research and analysis, technical engineers understand the application process, efficiency and various requirements, tailor-made improvement solutions, reduce equipment input costs, increase production capacity, and save you money, worry, and effort.
  • Strong strength, delivery guarantee
    Since its establishment, it has continuously absorbed new technologies from the industry, added machinery and equipment, and improved its competitiveness in the industry. Can be customized according to customer requirements to meet the different needs of different customers;
  • Omni-directional one-to-one service
    The technical engineer communicates directly with you and recommends the right model for your needs. Active after-sales response service to door within 4 hours, 0.5 hours to solve the problem.
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